Orofer xt Tablet Composition, Uses, Dosage & Price

Pregnancy dietary supplement Orofer xt Tablet is one of the most popular ferrous medicines in India. Today, we’ll learn about its composition, uses, dose, and cost.

Orofer xt Tablet Composition

Orofer XT Tablet combines Ferrous Ascorbate for efficient iron absorption, Folic Acid for cell division, Mecobalamin (Vitamin B12) for nerve health, and Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate for overall well-being. This balanced composition addresses the various nutritional needs of pregnant women.

Ferrous Ascorbate100mg
Folic Acid1.1mg
Zinc Sulphate 22.5mg
Orofer xt Tablet Composition

Orofer xt Tablet uses

Orofer XT Tablet is prescribed to address nutritional deficiencies during pregnancy as well as for the treatment of anemia, blood loss, and post-surgery recovery.


Take Orofer XT Tablet once a day as commonly prescribed. However, your doctor may recommend it twice daily if needed, so it’s essential to consult with them first.


Orofer XT Tablet costs ₹165.00 and can be found in many medical stores, making it easy to get for your health needs.