Zac D Tablet composition, Uses, Dosage & Price

Zac D Tablet is a well-known immunity booster product from Eris Lifesciences Ltd. This article explores the composition of the Zac-D Chewable Tablet, along with its uses and its cost in the Indian market.

Zac D Tablet composition

Zac D Tablet contains ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate, zinc oxide, vitamin D3, and vitamin A. This combination became popular after the emergence of COVID-19, as there was increased demand in the immunity booster supplement market.

ascorbic acid, Boost Immunity
sodium ascorbate, Reduce oxidative stress
zinc oxide, Boost Immunity
vitamin D3,Improve bone health
vitamin AImprove overall health
Zac D Tablet composition

Zac D Tablet uses

Zac D Tablet uses are:

  1. Boost Immunity
  2. Improve skeletal health
  3. Improve eyes, and skin health
  4. improve overall energy in daily activities.


As per pharmacist’s and doctor’s commonly recommended dose of Zac D Tablet is single tablet once daily.


Cost of Zac D Tablet in indian medical stores is 165 RS for 10 tablets. you can get this medicine at various online pharmacies at discounted rate.