Alsody Tablet composition, Uses, Dosage & Price

Alsody Tablet is a well-known product of Fourrts India Laboratories Pvt Ltd. Today, in this article, we are going to discuss in detail information about Alsody Tablet’s composition, uses, dosage, and price.

Alsody Tablet composition

Alsody Tablet’s composition is Alpha Lipoic Acid and Superoxide Dismutase. which is used to treat chronic back and neck pain along with inflammation.

Alpha Lipoic Acid Reduces Oxidative stress.
Superoxide DismutaseImprove overall health by reducing stress.
Alsody Tablet composition


Commonly recommended dose of Alsody Tablet is one capsule everyday in the morning. you should consider talking a pharmacist to make appropriate choice for you.


Alsody Capsule is sold at 553RS and available at every nearby medical stores. Buy it online to get discount on cost.