Shelcal xt Tablet Composition, Uses, Dosage & Price

Hello and welcome to the blog! Today, we’ll simplify the Shelcal XT Tablet’s composition and its mechanism of action, along with other useful topics.

Shelcal xt Tablet Composition

Shelcal XT Tablet is made up of essential components, including Calcium Carbonate (1250mg), Vitamin D3 (500mg), Methylcobalamin (1500mcg), L-Methyl Folate Calcium (1mg), and Pyridoxal-5-phosphate (20mg).

Calcium CarbonateImprove bone strength
Vitamin D3Increases calcium absorption
MethylcobalaminSupports nerve health
L-Methyl Folate Calcium Useful in maintaining overall well-being
Pyridoxal-5-phosphateImproves metabolic support
Shelcal xt Tablet Composition

Shelcal xt Tablet Uses

Shelcal XT Tablet is an effective treatment for low calcium levels in a variety of calcium deficiency conditions such as osteoporosis, hyperthyroidism, pregnancy, lactation, fractures, and osteopenia.

It promotes bone strength and thyroid health, satisfies increased calcium requirements during pregnancy, aids in fracture rehabilitation, and inhibits bone density loss.

It’s a diverse option for a variety of health problems associated with inadequate calcium.


Common dosage of Shelcal xt Tablet is twice daily however, this can change according to your condition and calcium requirement that’s why it is important to talk to a doctor to know accurate dose.


Shelcal XT Tablet is priced at ₹342.90 at your local pharmacy. Easy and affordable for anyone dealing with calcium issues. Just ask your nearby medical store for the Shelcal XT Tablet.