Vermovent 12 mg Tablet composition, Uses, Dosage & Price

Vermovent 12 mg Tablet is a popular anti-parasatic medicine that is widely used today for most parasatic infections. This post is dedicated to providing you with an accurate Vermovent 12 mg tablet composition, uses, dosage, and pricing.

Vermovent 12 mg Tablet composition

Vermovent 12 mg Tablet contains Ivermectin (12.0 mg) as its active ingredient, which is an effective antiparasitic class of medication.

Ivermectin works by causing paralysis in the body of parasites making it difficult to survive.

Vermovent 12 mg Tablet uses

Vermovent 12 mg Tablet uses are:

  1. Onchocerciasis,
  2. Intestinal strongyloidiasis,
  3. Inflammatory lesions of rosacea,
  4. Head pediculosis.


We recommend you to consult your prescribing doctor to know exact dosage of Vermovent 12mg tablet as this varies according to your conditions.


Vermovent 12mg tablet having 10 tablets in a strip is priced at 390RS/Strip. you can get this at discounted price at our pharmacy store.