Nodosis Tablet composition, Uses, Dosage & Price

Nodosis Tablet, marketed by Steadfast Medishield Pvt. Ltd., is a well-known medicine prescribed for indigestion and various other gastric disorders. In this post, we are going to discuss Nodosis Tablet’s composition, uses, dosage, and cost in the Indian market.

Nodosis Tablet composition

Nodosis Tablet is simple in composition, having sodium bicarbonate (500mg) as its only active ingredient. It is an alkalinizing agent used in multiple gastric conditions, which are discussed in the following part of this article.

Nodosis Tablet uses

Nodosis Tablet is used in the management and treatment of various gastric conditions like:

  1. Indigestion,
  2. Dyspepsia,
  3. Metabolic acidosis,
  4. Dental decay,
  5. Abdominal pain,
  6. Stomach ulcers.


Commonly used dosage of Nodosis Tablet is single tablet a day. However, you should talk to your doctor to know more accurate dose of Nodosis Tablet.


Nodosis Tablet is available at 54 RS at almost every medical stores in the india. you can also buy it from online pharmacies.