What’s Next In Lightweight Division? – Prediction


    Overcoming adversity Charles Oliveira did the unexpected,Brazilian knocked out Michael Chandler in an devistating fashion.

    Chandler had a really good first round but couldn’t carry himself in start of round 2. While swinging wild he got caught up with clean left hook of Olivera & that was it for olivera to get that lightweight strap.

    If we look at the lightweight division right now, we see total chaos of fighters lined up for championship fights. Currently Dustin is #1 guy & he is fighting Conor at UFC 264. If Dustin wins this match he will be rewarded that title match against Oliveira.

    What's Next In Lightweight Division? - Prediction

    But, If Conor wins his triology fight against poirier we cant say who he is fighting next. He might go and challenge Usman or he might fight olivera. He is just unpredictable but we can assume he will go for olivera fight to get lightweight title & then moves up to become tripple division champ.

    What's Next In Lightweight Division? - Prediction

    Justin Gaethje is there in discussion too, he also desrves a title shot but coming off an loss against poirier i think he will have to wait untill winner of Dustin Vs Conor face Olivera.


    Beneil Dariush with win over Tony is also in the discussion but as said by dana he will get another top 5 guy maybe Gaethjie or maybe Chandler.

    Potential Upcoming Lightweight Matchups

    Winner of Dustin Vs Conor Will Face Olivera

    If Dustin Loses He Gets Call Out By Chandler

    Dariush Vs Justin Gaethje For Potential No 1 Contender (if conor takes belt from oliveara & moves to welterweight this will be for interim championship)

    What's Next In Lightweight Division? - Prediction

    if Islam Makhachev beats thiago moises he gets the top5 guys maybe olivera if he loses in his first title defence.


    I think Tony Ferguson should move to welterweight where he might be get more powerfull & little hard to be taken on ground. All these lightweights are going to take him on ground & he can’t do anything about it.

    tony is a guy that i like but these guys are smart and they know tony is not good on ground. They take advantage of it & they take him on ground to get a win. I mean look at what beneil driush did to him.

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