Uncle Chael Reacts to Anderson Silva’s Win, Says “What A Success Story”


MMA Veteran and Anderson Silva’s Biggest Rival Uncle Chael Sonnen has praised Spider Silva’s performance, In his youtube video chael sonnen reacted to Silva’s Performance. he said “What A Success Story”

“What a success story in many ways. Don’t forget: a striker coming over to grappling, coming over to MMA, and having success. Anderson Silva is in very rare company.”

Chael Sonnen

UFC Legend and Former Middleweight Champ Anderson Silva, won the headliner of the ‘Tribute to the Kings’ event via split decision (77-75, 77-75, 75-77), where he defeated former middleweight champion of boxing Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

Coming in as a heavy underdog, Silva had last boxing fight in 2005 and had not won in the UFC since 2017. But by the end of the fight, he had outclassed Chavez Jr. 99-53 in total punches and 60-41 in power punches.

“Generally when a guy gets older, when a guy slows down, when a guy is no longer in his prime, the last thing the guy is gonna be good at is boxing. It just moves too quickly. It’s too much about speed and timing. It’s too much about reflex. Generally, for a guy outside of his prime, Anderson looked great,”

Chael Sonnen

Anderson Silva Uncertain About His Boxing Career

“Let me tell you something, I don’t have nothing more to prove to anybody. The boxing community have shown me respect, for my opponent I showed my respect, for the people here in Mexico. I love Mexico. I don’t know. Maybe I fight again in boxing.”

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