UFC legends Predicts: Michael Chandler Vs Charles Oliveira, Tony Vs Dariush #UFC262


    Allright lets get this show started…

    UFC 262, What a card it is, i mean this is one of the best fight card of 2021. they have Chandler vs Oliveira, Tony Vs Dariush, Barboza is fighting too & that crocodile guy… what’s his name… Jacare. he is also fighting.

    there’s so much on this card & we all cant wait for it. before we get started with this article i want you tell you that this is a Part 2 article incase you missed previous one you can click here to read it. or you can read it after this article.

    We’ve got lots of fighters predicting UFC 262 & the first one is GOAT GSP.

    GSP Said “Michael Chandler Vs Charles Oliveira, it’s a very interesting matchup two different styles. Chandler is like a bull you know he is very explosive he has knockout power extreamely dangerous in early fight. on other hand Charles olivera is a very complete fighter he is good standing up & good also on the ground.”

    “here’s my pick for UFC 262 I got Michael Chandler winning by the knockout of first round” Said GSP

    GSP On Tony Vs Dariush Said “I have Tony winning by TKO in third round”


    Our Second Predictor Is Michael Bisping

    Bisping Said ” So if Olivera walks him on backfoot got team up against fence using those knees ..the elbows that he have. I think this is a close fight & as i said i think 31 year old is coming in his prime, having that kinda stopages beating tony ferguson the man is on a roll now, Charles Olivera by submission”

    Bisping aslo picked Dariush over Tony considering dariush having more power,excellent ground game & his prime.

    Stephen Wonderboy Thompson has also predicted this fight, He Said “Going with my man Michael Chandler & for Co-Main event Beneil Dariush”

    Daniel Corniel the champ champ, has also given his thoughts on UFC 262

    Speaking On ESPN show DC said “Now! Here’s a thing We’ve seen this young man just grow up inside the UFC from ups & downs, the wins & losses. He finally seems to have his chip corrected & his all system goes to that belt but Michael Chandler has dynamite in his hands & I also believe takedown is gonna happen but it just how often does chandler gonna put him in danger. Because Olivera have a great submissions game.”

    he further said it is very hard to pick someone in such matchup but he believes chandler will have an wrestling advantage over olivera.


    with that being said its time to take a leave from you guys & i’ll see you in next article untill then peace out & stay healthy.

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