UFC Fighters Predicting – Charles Oliveira Vs Michael Chandler UFC 262


After spending an over a year, UFC has decided to fill up their vacated Lightweight belt at UFC 262, with an amazing matchup of Charles Oliveira Vs Michael Chandler.

After a dominating run at Bellator, Michael Chandler has officially landed in UFC with an impressive win over Dan Hooker. Across him standing Charles Oliveira one of the most talented & skilful fighter in the lightweight division.

UFC Fighters Predicting – Charles Oliveira Vs Michael Chandler UFC 262

1.Cub Swanson

Cub Swanson has fought Charles Oliveira before his climb to Lightweight division, nearly a decade ago Cub Knocked Oliveira in first round with an eye on the upcoming lightweight title bout Cub has admitted that Oliveira is not the same fighter as he was at 145, with all respect to Michael Chandler on his achievement Cub believe Charles Oliveira will get his hand raise on UFC 262.

2.Ben Askren

Coming up from disastrous fight loss against youtube star jake paul, Askren hasn’t shadowed himself and shared his thaughts on Charles Oliveira Vs Michael Chandler. Ben Askren believes All American Michael Chandler will be victorious in this matchup, Citing Chandler’s wrestling experience and explosiveness in early round is enough for victory against Oliveira.

3.Alexander Volkanovski

Australian who stop the all time great reign of max holloway, has given his thaughts on Charles Oliveira Vs Michael Chandler.

Bulky Powerhouse Alexander Volkanovski thinks this is one of the best matchup’s stylistically, he believes strong wrestling & high power of Michael Chandler will be too much for Charles Oliveira leading to the american stealing away the title in an emphatic fashion.

4.Javier Mendez

Not a fighter but a coach to many top fighters like Daniel Cormier, Luke Rockhold, Khabib & Cain Velasques has also expressed his thaught on Charles Oliveira Vs Michael Chandler.

Javier Mendez speaking to Helen Yee Said ” I really dont Know they both have their good points, Michael Chandler is a veteran he is been around, i mean he is proven his world class, he is proven he could beat anybody, except eagle.”

5.Aljamain Sterling

One of the greatest bantamweight fighter of this era , Except winning a title in a controversial fashion, although it is not his fault. Aljamain Sterling has also spoken about UFC 262.

Aljamain believe Oliveira has good stepping in knees but chandler is on another level, he is going with Michael Chandler as a new Lightweight Champ.

6.Miesha Tate

Speaking avout tate, let us tell you that she has signed 6 fight contract with ufc again & she will be fighting in UFC.

She said, Charles Oliveira is a highly dangerous fighter but also Chandler had a great run in bellator & great debute in UFC. She believes chandler will be the winner.

7.Colby Covington

he is clearly one of the best fighters in ufc today, when Helen yee asked Colby, how do you think Charles Oliveira Vs Michael Chandler fight is going down?

Colby said Who? Who’s that

it was not a prediction but i still felt to add it here, i dont know why.

with that being said, looks like UFC fighters believes chandler is the man ti beat oliveira but i think everybody underestimating Oliveira’s ground game.

chandler might be good in wrestling but believe on ground Oliveira is on next level, We have seen what he has done with Tony right.

i think if oliveira survive first round and slow chandler little bit, it will be his fight. I got Oliveira as my pick, you also pick your winner in comment box.

Do it…;)

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