Sean O’Malley want’s to beat Peter Yan in Russia


It looks like suga show getting started, Sean O’Malley already started calling out Peter Yan.

Early today, Sean O’Malley took it to twitter to call out Peter Yan “I want to beat up Peter in Russia. This is my dream.”

Enter top 3 before even mentioning my name poodle. I got unfinished business with fakemaster now, Said Peter Yan.

Peter Yan also went on to say “I will put you to sleep so you can keep dreaming curly boy”

At UFC 264 Sean O’Malley fighting Louis
Smolka, Sean O’Malley In an interview already stated that he needs to get clean KO victory to call out any top 5 guy.

Speaking to SCHMO Sean O’Malley Said “The division’s just kinda waiting on me to win a couple fights, get the belt, and to be the champ. The people want to see it. So that’s kinda all that really matters right now.”

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