Potential Matchups For Nick Diaz’s Return

Potential Matchups For Nick Diaz's Return
Potential Matchups For Nick Diaz's Return

Diaz Brother’s always bring some energy when they fight. Its been six years since Nick diaz has fought in UFC,  with current situation we can assume 2021 will be the comeback year for him.

UFC president Dana White has already confirmed that Nick Diaz is ready to fight but when and who?  it is not clear yet. in this article we will discuss potential matchup for Nick Diaz.

Looking into his past he has fought in three divisions, which includes lightweight, welterweight & middleweight. which makes us hard to guess where he will fight next but we can assume he will be not fighting in lightweight as he is not looking lightweight at all.

Potential Matchup For Nick Diaz in Middleweight Division

Starting off where you left seems more valid, Current champ Israel Adesanya has already cleared half of the division and it will be most easy for nick diaz to get that title shot with one or two wins.

1.Paulo Costa

Potential Matchups For Nick Diaz's Return
Nick Diaz Next Fight

Borachima is also looking for fight and he is currently ranked #2 in division, For Nick Diaz a win over Paulo will assure him title shot.

stylistically it is dangerous fight to take but Nick Diaz is strong Mfker can take out Paulo anytime anywhere.

2.Marvin Vettori

Currently #3 ranked middleweight recently had  a bad night with Israel Adesanya. this is also winable matchup for Nick diaz. a win over Vettori will also assure a title shot for Nick Diaz.

3.Jared Cannonier

Man, Jared Cannonier is a real deal in middleweight Div. he has vicious knockout power, it will be interesting fight to see how diaz will do against him.

Potential Matchup For Nick Diaz in Welterweight Division

Welterweight Division also have same problem, almost half of division cleared by champion Kamaru Usman. But that’s the opportunity for Nick Diaz. Just one win against top guy will give him title shot.

1.Colby Covington

Potential Matchups For Nick Diaz's Return

It seems like usman is not interested in giving rematch to Colby & if that fight is not next then its the matchup for Nick diaz, as it will also guarantee him that title shot against Kamaru Usman, Also Trash talk will be on next level.

2.Leon Edwards

If Nick Diaz wants to avenge his brothers loss, It seems valid matchup for him it will also put him as top contender for title shot.

Potential SuperFights For Nick Diaz

1.Conor McGregor 

Hell Yeah, It will be one of the best fight if conor beats Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 & call out nick diaz in his post fight interview.


who doesn’t want to see this fight? We all know GSP is interested in fighting this year & diaz is also ready. 

Dont know whether UFC wants to make this fight or not but fans will be much excited for this fight.

At the end we dont see Nick diaz getting a title shot so his next opponent probably not a champion but superfight with Conor Or GSP is possible.

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