Left hook straight to the temple & Joshua will fall on his face Says Tyson Fury


    ANTHONY JOSHUA VS. TYSON FURY fight for heavyweight supremacy is close to being announced.

    Eddie Hearn, the promoter of Joshua said “Fury is on board, AJ is on board, they’ve all signed the site agreement, but it’s a lot of money. Unfortunately, I can’t just tell the lawyers to hurry up. But that fight is done, and you’ll get an announcement very soon.” 

    Joshua and Tyson Fury fight is a big deal & fans from around the world are eager to see this fight happening. both fighters are willing to secure an undisputed world heavyweight title fight, also note that this is the first ever four-belt heavyweight title bout.

    Tyson Fury Revealing His Gameplan Against Anthony Joshua

    On podcast with eddie hern, 

    Fury Said  “When I say I will smash him to pieces and it won’t be a tough fight, like I said I was going to knock Wilder out and I did, I’m going to say it here again – I will cut Anthony Joshua down like a hot knife through cheese.

    “That’s how easy it’s going to be. When he gets cracked with all them muscles right in the jaw, he will go.


    “I will tell you even what punch it’s going to be, I’ll even give my game plan away.

    “It’ll be a check left hook straight to the temple. His legs will go and he’ll fall on his face.

    “He may get back up and then I’ll knock him out with the overhand right, goodnight.”

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