Jon Jones vs Francis Ngannou Will Happen This Summer


    It seems like the problem lies in the money, Jones is undoubtedly a big star in UFC & has publicly said about getting paid is also confirmed that Jones has demanded $10M for this fight. On other hand it seems Dana is not happy with what Jones asking for.

    Why Fight is still in the talks?

    Dana has always said this, “if fans are interested in a fight, then it is the fight to make” & Jon Jones vs Francis Ngannou make sense in terms of business perspective. it will probably be one of the best PPV seller of 2021.

    Dana said Lewis Vs Ngannou is next

    Speaking in Post fight press conference dana said “The reality is Derrick Lewis is really the No. 1 contender for the heavyweight championship right now. It doesn’t matter if Jon Jones wants to fight or doesn’t want to fight.”

    It is confirmed by Lewis that his fight with Ngannou is not yet confirmed. So we can assume its dana’s move to force jones to agree his offer.

    Also, Dana Seems closing the doors for jones to negotiating the money on superfight with Francis Ngannou.


    Dana Went On To Said “You know, it’s up to him. He can fight this summer, or he can never fight again. I mean, that’s up to him.”

    Dana’s Blame Game

    Jones Vs Francis is the fight fans want to see, If you look at Francis Ngannou’s last fight it seems clear that, In heavyweight division their is no match to Ngannou’s level. he has already finished most of top contenders. In such a situation jones stepping up to heavyweight will make a blockbuster fight.

    Dana being dana now blaming jones in front of media for this and that. Dana on The Bill Simmons Podcast Said “In his deal, he’s talking he wants $30 million guaranteed. The way that this works is these guys all share in the pay-per-view. … He will share in the profits of the fight. That’s how it works. That’s how you run a business, and you don’t go broke.”

    Jones Denied the demand of $30 million in his tweet embedded below

    Dana White in Post press conference of UFC 260 Said “If i am jon jones & if i watched Ngannou’s fight I start to moving 185”


    It seems clear that Dana wants to keep jones on backfoot & wants him to fight for lesser money.

    Jone Replied “What a great way to promote the fight,Let’s just sh*t on Jon Jones and make him seem afraid. How dare he ask to get paid serious money for a serious fight.”

    If we look at some of jone’s heavyweight preparation twitter posts, We can arguably see a beast coming up in Heavyweight Division.


    We dont know what’s going to happen, But let me tell you heavyweight division without getting jones will be dead. Their are no fighters to sell the fights. Only few of them were left but stipe cleared them. Now jones is the only hope.


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