Joke Paul lists five reasons why he will beat Conor McGregor


    It seems like Joke Paul is in Joke mood & fantasizing beating Conor McGregor. In an interview with SunSport he has given five reasons why he will beat the irishman.

    Somewhere on earth conor must be like, ‘who the fook is this guy.’

    Paul stated “First and foremost, I’m a better athlete than McGregor. He never played football, he never played lacrosse, he never wrestled, he was never an All-State football player.”

    But here’s the thing that joke paul is not getting, boxing is not about playing football or lacrosse. if you see conor’s boxing he will fooking bounce your head off the canvas.

    Joke Paul gives second reason “I’m taller by four inches or so and I’m about 60-pounds, 50-pounds heavier without a weight cut.”


    Well Conor has smashed multiple weight class fighters in UFC, If he touches you trust god you will fall like erected d*ck

    Reason No 3 From Undefeated Joke Paul “And that’s what a lot of people don’t understand when I’m hitting these guys, I’ve got knockout power because I’m cutting down from 210lbs.”

    Yeah! You have knockout power but where’s the skills bro ?, how you gonna catch him ?

    Reason No 4 “The other side of this is him underestimating me. He’s going to come into this, be chilling on his yachts, be babysitting his three little kids, be going out to dinners with his wife, playing in the beach in the sand thinking Jake Paul’s a walk in the park. When I’m going to be hustling every single day to beat this guy”

    what’s wrong in conor underestimating paul?, i mean who takes joke seroiusly.


    Reason No 5, Sorry small correction joke no 5
    “I’m not just fighting Conor McGregor for the payday; I’m fighting Conor McGregor to beat him and level up after that. This isn’t a gimmick. I don’t get how or why people haven’t registered it yet, but like this isn’t a game.

    why would joke paul will worry about money when he is fighting forbes no 1 highest paid athlete.

    Quick Thoughts

    Jake is doing great job in pursuing his superfight with conor, but conor is not a mayweather, he does not fight people for money. he fight to make history & some real life highlights.

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