Jake Paul Trash Talking Dana White On His “15 Minute’s Of Fame”

    dana white jake paul
    dana white jake paul

    The “Problem Child” Jake Paul took it to twitter to respond to Dana White, it seems like he is upset with Dana’s recent statement’s about him.

    Taking jibe at dana, Paul Said “Dear Dana, In my 15 minutes of fame I’ve done more in boxing than you have your whole life.”

    Criticizing jake paul Earlier in an interview Dana White Said, “15 minutes of fame are nearly up” He had 15 minutes of his boxing career & its over.

    The UFC President has spoken out about the Paul brothers’ involvement with boxing, praising them for getting into the ring, Dana also said their will be always a market to such fights, he was referring to such non professional but famous personalities entering to combact sports. 

    But also criticizing the fights and the claims made by paul brother & their promotions about the pay-per-views they’ve sold.


    Jake Paul made series of tweets to criticize  dana, you can check his tweets and instagram post embedded below.

    In Response to Dana White’s Criticism Paul Responded in tweets criticizing dana, were paul said i have done more than you in the sport of boxing. Paul also took a shot at White’s past saying you were a boxercise instructor, your boxing reality show got cancelled after one episode & Zuffa Boxing died before it even started.

    In An another tweet paul said “Dana White pays his ring girls more than his fighters”


    In World of sport like UFC & Boxing superfights such trash talking is usually a build up for upcoming fight, in reference to this when espn interviewer asked dana “if he had any interest in working with Jake Paul and if he’d be willing to give a fighter the green light to jump into the boxing ring”

    Dana said “First of all, I would never do business with those guys, just no. It’s not what we do,”


    As of now Dana White dismissed claims that he’ll ever work with the YouTuber on a fight card. He’s gone as far as threatening Jake with legal action for repeatedly calling out UFC fighters.


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