Does Colby Really Deserve a Title Shot?


Its been 18 months since Colby Vs Usman 1 was happened. Since then Colby only fought once against Tyron Woodley & Champ has fought three fights.

Colby & Dana has also confirmed Usman should fight Colby for belt But usman Doesn’t seems satisfied with colby’s activities to give him a rematch.

Now, here’s the question. if colby is no 1 ranked guy why would he fight someone who is below his rank. Usman said he defended his title 3 times since they last fought, But who did he fought? Gilbert Burns & Jorge Masvidal.

Gilbert Burn fight was okay but what about Jorge Masvidal how did he get twice title shot for no reason.
Reality is Since last fight of Kamaru and Colby, they both have only fought once. Kamaru’s Defence against Jorge Masvidal was illegitimate.

Who else is their in the division for kamaru Usman? Literally No one & Now he has to accept the fight with Colby Covington.

Colby Covington has said that he has done his part of deal & UFC is waiting for Kamaru Usman to sign his contract.

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