Anderson Silva gets this much money for Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.’s weight miss


On Friday Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. weighed 184.4 pounds & Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva weighed 182 pounds.

Silva Vs Chavez Jr. had a weight limit of 182 pounds, Silva made accurate weight while his opponent, came in heavy at 184.4 pounds.

As a result of the weight miss, Chavez Jr. will forfeit $100,000 of his purse, which will go to Silva, this is confirmed by MMA Junkie.

Chavez Jr. has a history of missing weights he has made such blunders in past also.

Despite the weight miss, the bout will proceed as scheduled on Saturday evening.

Chris Weidman apologize to Anderson Silva

Weidman Recently apologize to anderson silva for his celebration post silva’s leg break. But he also said he was not aware that silva’s leg was broken and that’s why he celebrated.
Check out the embedded tweet.

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