Avil Tablet : Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Substitute, Composition & Warnings

    Avil Tablet Uses
    Avil Tablet Uses

    Avil Tablet Introduction

    Avil Tablet is manufactured & marketed by Sanofi India Ltd, which contains Pheniramine as an active molecule. Pheniramine is an first generation antihistamine drug similar to chlorpheniramine & bromepheniramine. Avil Tablet Uses covers allergic conditions like skin rashes, itching , runny nose and hayfever.

    Avil Tablet is also used in the prevention of vomiting, dizziness due to ear infection, nausea and motion sickness.

    Do not take Avil Tablet if you are taking antidepressant medicine OR you are suffering from enlarged prostate also this medicine should be used in children’s only if advised by doctor otherwise it should be avoided.

    Recommende dosage if you are taking Avil 25 Tablet is three times a day And if you are taking Avil 50 Tablet then it should be two times a day. However, after looking to your condition your doctor might decide to give you a leeser or more dosage. This depends totally on your disease condition.

    As Sedation & inability to concentrate is major side effect Avil Tablet, it is advised to not to drive or operate any kind of heavy equipment which require sharp concentration.


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    Avil Tablet Uses

    Avil Tablet contains pheniramine which is an antihistamine drug, it inhibits H1 receptor to show its actions. Avil Tablet has an potent anti-allergic drug which can be used in the treatment of following allergy diseases.

    1.Hay Fever

    Avil Tablet : Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Substitute, Composition & Warnings
    Avil Tablet Uses – hay fever

    Hay fever is also known as an allergic rhinitis, it is caused by an allergic response to allergens such as pollen, hairs of cat and dog or othet pet, feather of bird etc. Hay Fever has very similar symptoms like common cold like runny nose, itching, watery eyes, sneezing & nasal congestion. but major difference between hay fever and common cold is that common cold can be caused by bacteria or virus while hay fever is just an allergy.

    Symptoms are very much like Common Cold with that in mind don’t assume that hay fever will go on its own. you wil have to treat hay fever for complete relief.

    Avil 25 Tablet should be taken taken thice a day in order to get complete relief from Hay Fever. But we advise you to kindly consult a doctor in order to find a best treatment solution.


    2.Allergic conjunctivitis

    Avil Tablet : Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Substitute, Composition & Warnings
    Avil Tablet Uses – allergic conjuctivitis

    This is an ophthalmic condition in which inflammation to eye occur, this inflammation is caused by allergic response by eye to outside pollens and allergens. This is one of the common condition which occurs in common allergy season.

    Swelling of eyelids, eye itching, burning sensation to eyes and nunny nose are common symptoms of Allergic conjunctivitis.

    Causes Of Allegic Conjuctivitis

    1. household dust
    2. Pollen
    3. Seasonal allergy
    4. Animal hairs or Bird Feathers

    In Allergic conjunctivitis eye drop preparation of pheniramine can be used to counter the allergy.

    3. Motion sickness

    Avil Tablet : Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Substitute, Composition & Warnings
    Avil Tablet Uses – motion sickness

    Motion sickness occurs when our brain does not able to process information from essential organs like eyes, ears and especially it cannot control the digestive tract function. In response to inability to process functioning we feel wooziness which is called as motion sickness.

    It usually occurs when you’re traveling by car, boat, plane, or train. Your body’s sensory organs send mixed messages to your brain, causing dizziness, lightheadedness, or nausea. Reference


    Symptoms Of Motion Sickness

    1. Nausea
    2. Vomiting
    3. Vertigo
    4. Headache

    Avil Tablet Uses In Motion Sickness – Take Avil 25 Tablet single dose at least 30 minute prior to travelling to avoid motion sickness. However, if you are going to take a long travel we would suggest you to take Avil 50 Tablet Single Dose Or Multiple Doses Of Avil 25 Tablet with suitable frequency.

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    4.Itchy Skin

    Avil Tablet : Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Substitute, Composition & Warnings
    Avil Tablet Uses – itchy skin

    Itching is nothing but a feeling of irritation , itchiness & inflammation of skin. Itchy Skin can be caused by allergic conditions like allergic contact dermatitis, these conditions occurs when skin comes into direct contact with allergens.

    Below are some examples of allergens but keep in mind that allergens can be different to each individual.

    • Dust Particles
    • Insect Bite
    • Animal Bite
    • Food Allergy
    • Cosmetic Allergy
    • Poison Ivy

    Avil Tablet Uses In Itchy Skin – Avil 25 Tablet can be taken twice or thrice as per recommendation of your doctor.


    5.Allergic Asthma

    Avil Tablet : Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Substitute, Composition & Warnings
    Avil Tablet Uses – asthma

    This type of asthma is the most common form of asthma that occurs worldwide. About 92 % of kids having the asthma have this allergy. This occurs due to Allergic season, Polens & Dust Mites.

    Symptoms Of Allergic Asthma

    1. Wheezing
    2. Shortness Of Breath
    3. Coughing
    4. Feeling Of Tightness Of Chest

    Avil Tablet Uses In Allergic Asthma – Depending on your condition of allergy your doctor may or may not be prescribing this medicine as there are other superior medicines to Avil Tablet in asthma. It is advised to consult your doctor before using avil tablet.


    When you breathe and exhale an high pitched whistle like sound comes that is called as wheezing, this occurs with various allergic diseases like Hay fever, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and asthma.

    If Wheezing is occurring due to allergic conditions then only Avil Tablet may be used to treat wheezing.


    Avil Tablet : Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Substitute, Composition & Warnings
    Avil Tablet Uses – sinusitis

    Sinusitis is an inflammation of sinus due to infection or allergy, sinus is an empty hollow space in nasal, in sinusitis paranasal sinus is only affected & due allergy or infection mucus builds in sinus and causes sinusitis.


    In Allergic Sinusitis Avil 25 Tablet can be taken twice or thrice, as per your condition your doctor will decide the dosage anf frequency of avil 25 tablet.

    8.Hives (urticaria)

    Avil Tablet : Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Substitute, Composition & Warnings
    Avil Tablet Uses – urticaria

    Hives which is also known as urticaria, welts, weals, or nettle rash. In this type of allegy red bumps or pops, itchy skin & rash is formed due direct contact of an allergen.

    When our body comes in a contact of an allergen, our body reacts to it by an reaction of releasing histamine in capillaries, this histamine accumulates in the skin and causes a rash.

    Avil Tablet inhibits the release of histamine into capillaries and thus avoiding allergic reaction like hives.

    Symptoms Of Hives

    1. Swelling
    2. Red Itchy Wheels On Skin
    3. Skin Rash

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    9.Nausea, Vomiting and Dizziness

    Avil Tablet : Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Substitute, Composition & Warnings
    Avil Tablet Uses

    These are the common conditions which may occur due to various other conditions in our body. these are very discomfort able feelings and hence these should be treated as soon as possible. instead of waiting and assuming that these conditions will get off on their own I would suggest to get an anti emetic tablet to get rid of it.

    Avil tablet can be used to get relief from Nausea, Vomiting and Dizziness, just take single dose of Avil 25 Tablet & it will magically give you the relief from Nausea, Vomiting and Dizziness.

    10.Watery Eyes

    Although this is an symptom of other conditions like Sinustis, Rhinitis, Cold but still it might happen due to allergy, in some cases very few people may observe this kind of allergy in which when they come with contact of particular allergen their eyes starts to release water continuously.

    In such conditions avil tablet can be considered to get rid of watery eyes allergy.

    Avil Tablet Dosage 

    Avil Tablet Dosage In Allergic conditions Like Sinusitis, Watery Eyes, Hay Fever, Asthma, Hives, Skin Itch




    Adult DoseBID or TIDUp To 45 mg
    Child DoseBID or TID Up To 45 mg
    Elderly DoseBID or TID Up To 45 mg

    Avil Tablet Dosage In Prophylaxis of motion sickness:

    Adul DoseBID or TIDUp to 45 mg tid
    Child DoseBID or TIDUp to 45 mg tid
    Elderlry DoseBID or TIDUp to 45 mg tid
    Avil Tablet Dosage In Prophylaxis of motion sickness

    Note: Take 1st dose at least 30 min before travelling.

    Reference MIMS


    How to take avil 25 tablet ?

    For maximum effectiveness it is suggested to take avil 25 tablet after meal, remember not to chew or cut avil tablet & it should be swallowed with water.

    What to do in case of Overdose of avil tablet ?

    In case of overdose kindly go to nearest hospital get rid of excess of drug & to avoid serious complications.

    Symptoms of overdose in adults:

    • Agitation and convulsions,
    • restlessness,
    • disorientation,
    • hallucinations.
    • Symptoms of overdose in childrens:
    • Accidental ingestion in small children has resulted in convulsions and in some cases fatal.

    Treatment In Case Of Overdose:

    1. No specific antidote;
    2. symptomatic and supportive.
    3. Gastric lavage may be useful for some time after ingestion.

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    Side Effects Of Avil Tablet

    Avil Tablet is considered safe for consumption but it may show some side effects which you may find troublesome, remember every tablet have some side effects and they usually go  when your body get adopts to it. If your adverse effects does not go away within 2 days it is recommended to consult your prescriber doctor for solution.

    Below are some of the common side effects of avil tablet:

    • Sedation
    • Hypersensitivity reactions
    • Lassitude,
    • Dizziness,
    • Tinnitus,
    • Inability to concentrate,
    • Incoordination,
    • Irritability,
    • Insomnia and tremors.
    • Nausea, vomiting,
    • Diarrhoea,
    • Epigastric pain,
    • Anorexia,
    • Dryness of mouth and constipation,
    • Headache,
    • Blurred vision.

    Substitute Of Avil Tablet

    Brand NameMRP in RS
    Avil 25 Tablet9.07
    Eralet 25mg Tablet19
    Apvil 25mg Tablet79.2
    Avil 50mg Tablet11.01
    Eralet 50mg Tablet22
    Avil Injection19.04
    Nicophen 22.75mg Injection2.16
    Eurovil 22.75mg Injection6
    Substitute Of Avil Tablet

    Composition Of  Avil Tablet

    • Avil 25 Tablet : 25 mg Chlorpheniramine
    • Avil Injection 2 ml: Pheniramine (22.75mg)
    • Avil Injection 10 ml: Pheniramine (22.75mg)
    • Avil 50mg Tablet : Pheniramine (50mg)
    • Avil NU 10mg Tablet : Cetirizine (10mg)

    Safety Warnings About Avil Tablet

    • Pregnancy Category (US FDA) : it is considered as an Category C drug, Which means Animal reproduction studies have shown an adverse effect on the fetus and there are no adequate and well-controlled studies in humans, but potential benefits may warrant use of the drug in pregnant women despite potential risks. Reference
    • Do not drive or operate heavy machinery in which sharp concentration required this is because avil tablet induce sedation or dizziness due to which patient may feel inability in concentration.
    • Alcohol : – Avil tablet is contraindicated to use with alcohol as it will cause excessive drowsiness and sedation which may be problematic.
    • Breastfeeding :- due to limited no of studies available it is unclear whether avil tablet is safe or not in breastfeeding, however, there are evidences that pheniramine passes to baby through milk so use avil tablet in breastfeeding only if your doctor consult it for you.
    • Kidney & Liver Disease :- It is advised to not to take this medicine in case of kidney or liver failure as it will increase load on kidney and liver.

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    Contraindications of Avil Tablet

    • Symptomatic prostatic hypertrophy
    • Neonates and premature infants.

    Drug Interactions Of Avil Tablet

    1. Aminoglycoside antibiotics: May mask ototoxicity.
    2. Potentially Fatal Drug Interaction Of Avil Tablet:
    3. Potentiation of CNS depression by alcohol,
    4. sedatives,
    5. opioids,
    6. barbiturates,
    7. hypnotics,
    8. narcoleptics.
    9. May increase antimuscarinic effect of MAOIs,
    10. atropine and TCAs

    Pharmacokinetic Of Avil Tablet

    Mechanism Of Action :- Pheniramine is an alkylamine derivative with histamine H1-receptor antagonist effects. It also has anticholinergic and moderate sedative effects.

    Onset Of Action Of Avil Tablet: 15-20 min (oral).

    Absorption: Readily absorbed from the GI tract. Achieve Peak plasma concentrations in 1-2.5 hr.

    Metabolism: Metabolised to N-desmethylpheniramine and N-didesmethylpheniramine.

    Excretion: Via urine (as unchanged drug and metabolites). Terminal half-life: 8-17 hr (IV pheniramine maleate); 16-19 hr (oral).


    FAQs Of Avil Tablet

    Does Avil Tablet Causes Sleepiness ?

    Yes, Sedation & sleepiness is most common side effect of pheniramine.

    What Are Avil Tablet Uses ?

    Allergic Rhinitis
    Skin Itch
    Motion Sickness